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someone needs to draw this bitch as a twink femboy getting his back blown out

Democracy has spoken! After a vote of (squints at computer) 111% in favour, I've now updated the ~keith/social rules:

Content warning: gay, furry bulge

Content warning: Meme containing furry porn

The species responsible for countless genocides has proclaimed themselves as the universe's arbiters of objective morality!

Content warning: furry porn

@♪ Octavia con Amore ♬ @Soft Dragon :verified_dragon:✨ Yeah, you can also just bind them to the arrow keys (which IIRC Emacs does by default, and is what I use), but it produces behaviour like this:
GIF demonstrating Emacs' cursor movement within mixed English and Arabic text. At the boundaries between the English and Arabic text, the cursor jumps to the opposite end of the text visually, and starts moving in the opposite direction.

It shouldn't be too hard to check the writing direction of the text underneath point and reverse the arrow key mapping accordingly, but I'm not sure how you'd handle the boundaries between different writing directions.

@Soft Dragon :verified_dragon:✨ see this is why emacs is superior, it uses a much more intuitive keyboard layout for movement:

Content warning: furry porn

Content warning: furry porn

I have an announcement to make to my audience... I'm sorry you all had to find out this way but:

I hope you can forgive me.

me omw to fediblock all the queer instances for "allowing morally distasteful or illegal discussion" (i am secretly vladimir putin)

>need to generate a signed distance field from an image
>the quickest solution I can find is a rust crate
>spin up a simple cargo project that literally just uses signed-distance-field and image, it's 10 lines of code
>cargo run
>it downloads 30 crates
>target folder is 368.8 F U C K I N G MiB

<sarcasm>What a well-designed language!</sarcasm>

Content warning: furry porn

Content warning: furry porn

@:konsti: sony teenyDog LLC Yeah, I guess it's not that bad, but it's certainly less comfortable for me than shift+arrows.

Anyways, here's the current layout for the custom keyboard I want to make eventually:

I tried to optimize the symbol placement for writing Lisp code, while sticking to QWERTY since it's too deeply entrenched into my brain. ...And then I decided to do the cursed thing with the arrow keys and essentially turn it into a split keyboard minus the benefits of a split keyboard. I don't remember what inspired that, but as horrible as it looks, I feel like it might actually work.

Yay, the sensitive media fix worked first time! Now I can post wolf balls to my heart's content.
wolf balls and sheath

furry porn
it's that time of the week again, time for Yearning... why can't this be me 😭