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Hey @sfr :ralseipat: :flag_nonbinary: , I just noticed a bunch of deferred jobs for federation with, starting at 2022-09-25 23:36:18, and it appears to be down. I just wanted to let you know in case you weren't already aware.

Rust is such a great (sarcasm) programming language that I can tell whenever its compiler is running by looking at the overheat warning light on my motherboard!

GCC doesn't have this issue, Lisp doesn't have this issue, the only times my computer's overheat warning light ever comes on are 1) when I mine Monero, or 2) when a package I'm emerging starts running the Rust compiler. What the fuck.
Looks like the LLVM toolchain in general tends to run my CPU close to overheating. Again, what the fuck. Why does your fucking compiler generate the same amount of heat as mining cryptocurrency. Say what you will about GCC's performance, but at least it doesn't try to cook my fucking processor.
"the problem is that you're compiling from source, just use the binary packages" No. Fuck off. I should not need a $10,000 computer with liquid hydrogen cooling just to use your compiler if it's so "superior". No ifs, ands, or buts.

Yes I bring my laptop to the orgy, I'm on that sigma grindset (ADHD)
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My werewolf boyfriends sighing in resignation as I fire up the laptop mid-fuck because a programming idea suddenly popped into my head
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see, this is why you should be tied up 🙄

nice to meet a fellow fish user! ​:dragncoolmlem:

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There's something about modern Minecraft village buildings and old textures that look right.

holy shit.

I can just build modern minecraft villages in my old version singleplayer world and it’ll look good??

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#OtD 21 Sep 1921 Lev Chernyi, Russian individualist anarchist theorist, activist and poet, was executed without hearing or trial by the Bolshevik secret police after strongly denouncing the new Bolshevik government.


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Asking anti-privacy dumbasses to submit to a cavity search because I'm worried that some people around me have bombs up their asses

How much longer do you think it'll take before Google's official brand twitter starts calling people "privacybros" for not using Chrome
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it's entirely wrong too because some of the most serious privacy people seem to be autistic trans girls, and some of the people who need it the most these days are people seeking abortions
ofc Google would gladly sell abortion search data to the state tho, just as Facebook is doing
@hot girl shit yeah I've heard it used by random ass people on here, of all places. ofc it's the typical uber-privileged liberals with twitter brain saying it

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~keithmail #500:
when are you going to RIIR this site
Never. I like using PHP to make Web sites and applications; it's a language designed for that sort of thing, and I think it actually does the job pretty well. More importantly, I enjoy working with PHP, and building this Web site with it. If I switched to Rust, I wouldn't have fun programming, and that wouldn't do anybody any good at all, now would it?

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Monday, September 19th
DNR Director Dan Eichinger:
Phone: 517-284-6367

Gretchen Whitmer:
Phone: 517-335-7858

You'll get an automated message.
Press 5, Press 2. Say "I don't have an email."
Wait a beat, then record your message!

On the Day of Action, gather some friends for a meetup to write letters to Dan and Gretch together!

DNR Director Dan Eichinger
Department of Natural Resources
Executive Division
P.O. Box 30028
Lansing, MI 48909

Gretchen Whitmer
PO BOX 30013
Lansing, MI 48908


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Content warning: (AAA gamedev security person on twitter voice)

Content warning: incredibly cursed, even worse

That's enough bullshit angstposting for today. We now return to your regularly scheduled gay furry orgy.

I do actually get kinda pissed about how bad I am at Rust, because so much of the community acts as if they're superior because ~uwu memory safety~ and preaches about how it's every programmer's moral duty to either learn Rust or take themselves out of the software development gene pool. And then it's supposedly the only programming language that doesn't hate trannies. So I guess I just don't get to be part of a programming-related community that accepts me, huh.
im not even sure if rust is the right language for me... ​:wolfconfused:
@tom That's fine, programming is supposed to be fun. I personally love Common Lisp, metaprogramming gives you cool new ways to approach problems and teaches you programming concepts other languages don't touch on as often. But just try a bunch of languages and figure out which ones you like!
Lua is probably the best option for me. (and the package manager is pretty nice) ​:dragnheart:
i just like rust cause it's fun, i don't even really understand memory safety or stuff. i like it for arbitrary personal reasons that probably don't matter, and im not even part of the community that much


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just permanently haunted by the queers who think of 'trans man' 'trans women' and 'non binary' as three individually wrapped boxes with no overlap. idk where you wanna go from this but it feels like a shitty dead end into assimilationism

Why is advance wars Like That. Who gave this teenage child the rank of commanding officer when he doesn't even know basic geography yet?
orange star soldiers when they realize their fucking commander doesn't know what a continent is and they're all gonna die

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as is tradition, king charles will consume queen elizabeth's corpse, to ensure the royal blood may continue to live on

wow I can't believe political possibilities bot really truly said this in real life for real

Have you considered getting some bitches?