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Apparently a bunch of search engines looked at the KaTeX web fonts on my blog and thought "yeah, this should be in search results" lmao

DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Brave, and Yahoo all did this
DuckDuckGo search results for the query "", showing two .woff2 files for KaTeX that were indexed. The link preview text is full of garbage data.

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Content warning: frustrated, tech, child abuse

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Content warning: re: frustrated, tech, child abuse

Content warning: gay furry yearning


Content warning: re: gay furry yearning

We're finally back online. Somewhat. Luma crapped out and a bunch of shit's still down, but my Web site and ~keith/social are both restored to working order now, at least.

GRRRR I'm tired though

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Warning for furries: A production company is sending a deceptive casting call for a film that appears to be a furry documentary but is actually a hateful smear film.

It's the same deceptive tactic Matt Walsh used to trick trans people into appearing in "What is a Woman". They want to do the same for furries.

Please be careful and warn others!
Tweet shows screenshot of deceptive "casting call" for a furry documentary. Tweeter @PleasantPicnic asks "Why the fuck is a production company using my image for a casting call"

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that time when some TV tried to interview a recent millionaire who made her fortune on Second Life by selling virtual land, and they tried to do it live and in-world.

So a bunch of people attacked the stage with flying dong-copters and other shenanigans.

holy shit thats such good news
@ShadowJonathan 100%. It's really good to see D&D / Wizards made the right call here

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Sometimes perseverance is constructive, but at other times, it’s maladaptive and harmful.

I wish we didn’t teach young people that grinding away at a pursuit that isn’t a good fit for you (or isn’t anymore) is a character-defining virtue.

There is joy in quitting, peace in knowing when to move on, dignity in valuing your work and your time on earth enough not to spend it in ways that don’t fulfill you.

(When you can. When it’s safe. When you have the choice. Sometimes you don’t.)

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Kids these days with their shiny new-fangled tablets... back in MY day we didn't need to spend all day carving cuneiform into stone just to talk to our friends

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those are not mutually exclusive

Content warning: NSFW, public, domination, [M]

Content warning: NSFW, public, domination, [M]

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you have been detected participating in fedi on a Non Calckey®️ Certified Instance. Desist immediately or face only having Calcposts in your feed for all eternity.

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i think about this a lot. if the dispossessed had mentioned the free pickles the entire arab world would have overthrown its ruling class and become an anarchist utopia overnight.
If you could make a change to anything you’ve written over the years, what would it be?

In The Dispossessed, I would mention the communal pickle barrels at street corners in the big towns, restocked by whoever in the community has made or kept more pickles than they need. I knew about the free pickles all along, but never could fit them into the book.
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Probably the critics of anarchism that I take the most seriously are survivors of decentralized genocides or warzones who tend to become staunch conservatives upon immigration to western democracies. They may recognize shit sucks, but also assume any boat rocking will return society to a much worse baseline.

Among radicals, revolutionaries and other critics of the status quo there's a general lack of awareness of *how much worse things can be* and I think factoring such in is important.

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This is not to say that I think such critiques of the anarchist project hold up ultimately. But they're the ones I think should be treated with the most respect and care.

And to some degree this boils down to a question of risk tolerance that I'm not sure can be so easily or objectively resolved. A slave that refuses to revolt because they infinitely more fear a return to even worse horrors than they desire the utopia of liberation is not so trivially in the wrong.

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One thing we should learn from such folks is to temper our rhetorical moves around casting the present in the most darkly dystopian terms.

There's a strong tendency by anarchists to frame the existing hellworld we live in as the Worst Of All Possible Worlds. To really emphasize it as the darkest night imaginable, so as to justify ANY revolt or risk taking against it.

But this move is dead on arrival to those who've seen nightmares beyond capitalism and democracy.