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I've been thinking about using Emacs as a project-aware desktop environment for a while now. I want to be able to freely mix browser windows, Emacs buffers, and other applications into a workspace for a specific project that I can save/resume at will, but KDE Activities just... don't work well enough yet to fit that need. Sure, they restore application windows, but not the actual content I was looking at, in most cases.

But, of course, with GNU Emacs, there's no way to set a buffer wallpaper image (outside of a patch whose documentation makes it seem rather janky), nor to embed X windows within an editor pane. Plus IMO the lack of symbol packages makes things a little messy.

So I guess I'm gonna have to write my own version of Emacs. Or "DEmacs" - Desktop Environment Macros.

or I could just be normal and try to make KDE Activities work better but I want a custom tiling window manager and a prettier Emacs anyway