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Mixed feelings about how Friendica shows me notifications for every event it detects in a thread I've liked. It's great in some cases, annoying in others. I guess I just have to learn to treat the Like button differently on here than on other platforms...

Patches I want to make to Friendica next, in order:
  • Collect [spoiler] tag headings and use them as a content warning when no [abstract] is specified (but only for non-Friendica servers)
  • Batch server blocking
  • Support for Akkoma and Misskey quote reshares
  • Per-post "unlisted" privacy setting
  • Support for auto-expanding content warnings or hiding posts entirely based on ACF rules
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Okay, so the patch was actually easier than I expected - after poking through the codebase and figuring out what was going on, it turns out there was just a check for public_contact() != $item['author-id'] in the code that displayed a content warning. So I just added a user-level configuration option to choose whether or not to display CWs on your own posts.

The hardest part was realizing what the problem was when the server was throwing 500 errors - I spent probably an hour trying to get it to give me any sort of debug log, only to realize that I had made not one, not two, but THREE different typos.

Now to rewrite history and destroy all traces of my mistake. :P

Content warning: Friendica abstracts are more complicated than I thought

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