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For people working on actual *privacy-preserving* technologies like *sandboxing* apps from one another and your data, it’s pretty infuriating that Google is steaming ahead with the extreme misnomer “Privacy Sandbox”.

It’s a system that *tracks everything you do* on your device or browser—the opposite of privacy—then *gives a profile of you to any app or site* that asks—the opposite of a sandbox.

It’s telling that it’s mostly adtech companies who are on board.
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In the new Pixel Pals update, to get PixelQuest working as a full iOS 17 home screen game, I had to code in actual procedural chunk loading for the map because loading the full massive map was crashing 💀 Plus there's full boundary detection haha

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it's funny and accidentaly validating the way doctors keep asking me if I'm pregnant before taking X-rays, until you realise the converse: they won't check if a trans man is pregnant before irradiating them.

this is what happens when people say "but biological sex is what matters for your doctor". health workers should know about uteruses and testes, testosterone or estrogen dominance, those things affect various conditions and risks in different ways and thinking in binary terms result in a lot of danger, especially but not exclusively to trans and inter people.

if you're pregnant and isn't read as a "woman" you have to do the doctors' job yourself.

In the beginning, the Fediverse was created. This has made many people very angry and has been widely criticized as a bad move.

@dogo @KayOhtie yeah it was made by some furries. I came across this when I was in my "looking at vintage furry sites" mission. @zorinlynx knew one of the devs iirc
@Yoshi @KayOhtie @zorinlynx me, 8 years old, sitting down at a family friends's PC with OpenSuSE 9 running, oblivious as to the chain of events leading up to this realization
@Yoshi @dogo @KayOhtie Not only knew; LearFox was a friend and we hung out on MUCKs a lot in the 90s and early 00s.

She was extremely private about her real life though, so when she left the fandom she pretty much vanished completely. I hope she's okay out there.
It was also in Ubuntu up until 12.04
Y sound server
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Dunno what kind of weird spambots ~keithmail is attracting, but for some reason they're trying to get me to click on... links to the front page of damn that poor company must really have fallen on hard times to be turning to these methods lol

Content warning: extremely gay kinky thoughts, be warned


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Testing testing if Gifs work

This painting has glow int he dark feature and changes the scene from a lonely pwlf crying to the moon in to a beautiful family of wolfs all singing together in the pitch of dark.

#painting #wolf #glowinthedark #acrylics #howling

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gbpocket on cohost asked: "hi hi! do you ever have trouble deciding what to wear?"

oh... uhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

..........sometimes! luckily we have mostly the same taste in fashion, but we don't always agree on what to wear... but we always figure it out in the end! (thanks ike)

(reposting from

#Furry #FurryArt #Husky #Cerberus #MultiHead #MultiFurry
A husky cerberus arguing amongst themselves on what to wear. Their right head (Kit) wants to wear a light yellow shirt with a dog bone print and the text "BONE" and is angrily shouting "BONE SHIRT!!!" at the center head. The center head (Tai) wants to wear a red plaid button-down shirt with light grey undershirt, and is angrily shouting "PLAID SHIRT" at Kit. The left head (Ike) is saying "we could just wear both...", suggesting to wear the plaid shirt over the bone-print shirt.

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i just read "have none of you hate-followed someone before" and i wish everyone who does that a never having the internet again.

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Also a observation on this. Windows photo viewer, the relic from XP which is still hidden away in win 11, can view multipage TIFF. Windows photos (the UWP app) only shows the 1st page.
windows moment

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⚠️ The Online Safety Bill has been passed in the UK Parliament. ⚠️

The threat it poses to our right to privacy and freedom of expression will soon become law.

It'll make us less secure, including the children and young people that the law is supposed to protect.

Find out more here ⤵️

#OnlineSafetyBill #privacy #freedomofexpression #e2ee #ukpolitics

🥥 Kewl and amusing sound effects!
Eye like! 🥥
Not gonna lie, I’d totally rock that OS now. MacOS feels so bleh now.

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Momentary-switched ethernet cable that breaks all cores while pressed.

For testing PoE devices that you need to keep turning off and on again
I remember people having these in a guitar-pedal form factor for cheating at Halo on the original xbox. Brief connection loss would cause players to continue moving in a straight line, so you could shoot them easier, but not disconnect the game.
I've used SAS/SATA and SBB versions of that for testing hard drive hot swap. We called them interposers.

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#GCC size: 343Mb*
#Rust size: 1Gb
#GHC size: 1.4Gb
#Clang size: 1.7Gb

#Chez #Scheme size: 5mb

[ * ] all based on the results of using #guix size, removing common and documentation-based dependencies such as ncurses, bash, and zlib

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3 people blocked me after I posted AI art. I wish this topic was less loaded with irrational hatred. And since a lot of people seem unable grasp the concept of nuance: yes, AI art has problems. Me playing around with it for fun isn't one of them.
the people who block you over this kind of stuff aren't worth federating with anyway ​:lain_sip:

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This is against FCC compliance laws. You’ve been arrested.

I get that you’re excited to build new hardware, but you gotta license it with an approved testing facility first. And this isn’t it. You’re not in China. We’re building a regulated and tightly controlled community here. This kind of device isn’t operating at the frequency we want.
Think it was an admin on Threads that said this first
nope, T2, which is just a generic twitter clone
specifically it was in response to one of @yassie_j 's posts there before being banned, then it became a copypasta when they posted it on fedi

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