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@funbreaker neos itself is amazing, the NCR metaverse shit is just being pulled by the tax evader CEO who the devs are trying to get rid of lol
@funbreaker blockchain bs isn't even in the steam build

the main problem with neos is that it's not optimized very well and literally runs at less than 90fps even on the most beefy PCs out there. having to rely on motion smoothing as a crutch is Stupid
@root @funbreaker motion smoothing is awful anyways and you should have it turned off
@funbreaker i generally have it turned off, but the only way to make neos playable without getting severe motion sickness is to enable it

because you NEED async reproj to be able to have 90"f"ps since it's running at 30 or 45 internally no matter what you do
@root @funbreaker for me i never get motionsickness from less than 90fps, but the lowest i hit in neos usually is like 30ish

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tbh it's probably my cpu but I rarely get over 45 in a instance with people in it because I know my rx6700xt is capable of higher FPS because I was getting 90 once with like 8 people in a complex world when I first installed that card
2nd gen Ryzen is really starting to show it's age with vr
especially since I got my 2700x after 3rd gen came out because it was cheaper
oh thank god they're trying to ditch it (and him). i was very disappointed when I saw the ethereum junk on the homepage
@funbreaker the game hasn’t been updated in over a year because of this
@funbreaker regardless of that the neos community is some of the nicest community out there and within two minutes of joining there’s probbably gonna be some neos whiz who teaches you everything lol