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Rust is such a great (sarcasm) programming language that I can tell whenever its compiler is running by looking at the overheat warning light on my motherboard!

GCC doesn't have this issue, Lisp doesn't have this issue, the only times my computer's overheat warning light ever comes on are 1) when I mine Monero, or 2) when a package I'm emerging starts running the Rust compiler. What the fuck.
in reply to Pup Keith DX Director's Cut

Looks like the LLVM toolchain in general tends to run my CPU close to overheating. Again, what the fuck. Why does your fucking compiler generate the same amount of heat as mining cryptocurrency. Say what you will about GCC's performance, but at least it doesn't try to cook my fucking processor.
in reply to Pup Keith DX Director's Cut

"the problem is that you're compiling from source, just use the binary packages" No. Fuck off. I should not need a $10,000 computer with liquid hydrogen cooling just to use your compiler if it's so "superior". No ifs, ands, or buts.